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Maximizing Your Potential

What You Need to Know

Today, this music game has shifted in the direction of more independent artist an musicians to create their own lane. This is partly due to the unlimited access social media has given us. But, with that being said we also must look at the fact that we are losing touch with the concept of learning how to read music and the structure that comes with it. We are often so fascinated by the ease of access that the internet gives us that we don’t think it is relevant to continue being a better artist.

It’s Your Potential: Use It

Peoples seem to forget that the potential they have belongs to them. Nobody owns what you can do with your skills except for you. You have the complete control over that. When you get into becoming independent and branching out into doing your own thing, you are going to have to know what you’re doing. Whether it is making beats or playing the piano, composing music, or anything related you want to have a solid understanding of these things work. The internet will go only but so far when you want to be great, not just good.

How Can You Learn More

Don’t get it wrong and please don’t me confuse you, the internet is a great place to learn how to do the things you need to do to perfect your craft. What I’m saying is use the internet as a tool, not a crutch. What you can do is go online and get actual real guidance and not just from a podcast but from a real page that helps you learn how to compose music or create beats, etc. It’s such a vast opportunity on what you can learn online if you just put a little effort into your research. If you go above and beyond, (Which you should if it’s your passion) you can stay ahead of the game! Stay focus and learn from everything you do.I

You can click the link below if you want to get started on learning how to read and compose music and so much more!

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ps: as an affiliate i may recieve a small payment of any purchase made by the consumer clicking on the link at no additional charge to you! Thank You!

Independent Music : The Future of Music

Things Have Changed

Now and days, the independent music game has become the future of selling your music. We went from buying CD’s out of the convenience store or gas station to clicking one button on your cell phone device and being about to listen to virtual any song your want to listen too. There is no more going all the way to a specific store because they are the only ones who sell your favorite classic record. All your have to do is ask Alex to find the song you’re listening to and she will pretty much do the rest!

The Results: Independance

With all this new technology being created and more consumers buying online, more artist realized that this is also and opportunity to sell their music online. If your own the rights to everything your do, the sky is the limit at the possibilities that can become of music career. Just image the flexibility your can have of not being tied down to a record label. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with signing to a label, but being signed to yourself sounds a lot better to me. How about your?

Getting Started

Being independent can and will be very challenging. You should do your research on how to market your own music and get people to see that your don’t need a label, your talent and ambition is enough. Get the support of your community by collabing with other local artist. This way, y’all can come together and brainstorm on how to get the revenue that your all generate stays with in your circle and not the label. Reach out through other social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram to help with promotion. The thing about social media is that you can promote your music to almost anybody anywhere, including celebrities. But also, be careful not to over due it by pushing your music to people without building a bond with them first. Hope this helps. Please leave comments negative or positive below.

Getting Paid to Listen to Music, Really?

People pay the cost…. Musically

Yes, people will pay you to listen to the music that they put up so that they can have more people listening to their band or song. It helps both you get cash and them get exposure.

Most groups that do this want you to hear their music so that you can go and spread the word about this great sound you just heard from this great band you listened too. All is fair in love and music!

Take It To the Mall

Many places like the mall have booths that you can listen too and they will pay you to listen to a music preview that might be coming out soon. Most of the time they want you to let them know should they release that content in the first place or not.

Although you may not get rich off this, you will be able to earn a free buck with not having to do much except use your ears.

Where to Look? Everywhere!

Typically, you should look online for people that pay you to listen to their music. There are many places online that will pay you to listen to music. It’s all about finding the right websites to go to and how much they are paying.

Who Are You?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Who am I? Well, if you haven’t already you really need to. Not just your name or what other people might look at you as, but who you really are to the person that looks in the mirror at their self every single day. That’s who I am talking about. To some it may be hard although, it shouldn’t be because the person you are has been with you for your entire life. It is you.

Find You First

Before you look see what type of music you should put out or if you should be a part of the music industry at all, you should find out who you are first and foremost. This is important because the audience that you want to attract has to understand who they are listening to. This also applies to the listener in some aspects as well.                          

When you are choosing what you want to listen to you always want to remember that although what the artist might be saying could be true for their own life, does not necessarily mean the same thing will be true for your life. Listen for the entertainment and not to go and try to reenact the negative music you hear because that would not be right.

Trust me, it will only make you lose yourself more. If you know who you are on the inside you won’t need a certain song to change who you are rather you should listen to music to help enhance the beauty that is already inside of you.

Don’t Mind The Hype

People often get caught in the mix when they are trying to find themselves. We often times find ourselves looking for others to help us figure it out. Now this can be a good or bad thing depending on who you are searching to help find those answers. Find people who encourage you to be productive and do positive things that cope with the things that you are already passionate about.

Don’t try to force yourself to be a part of the hype. Don’t follow the latest trend because more than not that trend will fade away and you will still be soul-searching. Peer pressure plays a big part and its hard for most people to not fall victim to it at some point. Even myself but one thing we must remember is that we are created as individuals and that applies to everyone.

Even twins have different finger prints and must know their own separate identities. No one is or should want to be exactly like someone else.

Be Who YOU Are

Being who you are is actually pretty easy if you think about it. We make it complicated when we step outside of the comfort zone of being ourselves. We start watching the popular people and wonder what its like to be them. Well do they even know who they are? You would be surprised at the people you see and admire are of times are often times really hiding behind a mask not really all that happy with themselves in real life.

Besides, being unique is and honor it is not by far a handicap in any way possible. Not being who you were created to be is the real handicap. And actually it’s ok to follow some trends and styles as long as when you look in the mirror you still see yourself for who you really are. That is  ofcourse an individual human being that walk and thinks different from anyone else around them.

Be bright and be bold and the rest will fall into the right places. There is plenty room for edits and mistakes so don’t worry about. Worry about your happiness and your future of success!

Music Ideas

Music Ideas: Starting Out

Coming up with music ideas can be very challenging at times but you must always remember to stay focused. One of the hardest task you will encounter when working on your craft is getting started. Do not worry, that’s life. I’ve learned that when coming up with ideas for music the best thing to do is to follow Nike’s quote and to just go do it. Literally, go out here and get the job done. Failure comes only when you stop trying. Never stop trying and you will never go wrong. It’s about what you want.

Getting Music Started

Starting music has to be one of the most fun/stressful times of an artists’ life. That’s because your brain is going mile a minute trying figure out what the world to look as you like as an artist. Don’t worry about that. Be yourself and the music ideals will follow YOU, not the other way around. The best way that I always start of with my music ideas is by putting on some artist that inspire me because nine times out of ten that’s where the direction you want your content to be aiming towards. Which makes sense because you are what you listen to in a sense. By listening to various artist that you are already accustom to, you put your mind in space that helps give you ideas on how you want the vision of your music to come about. Sounds similar or like yours.

Finding Your Balance

When finding good music ideas your balance is an essential key. Balance is important because you never want to work on anything (other than music as well), without having some form of common ground to land on. Basically, don’t start a new project with your head in the clouds or in the dirt. Always remember to take your time and be patient with yourself. The more pressure you put on your mind the less room you will have for your imagination. Without your own imagination in a clear and comfortable space, you have nothing but clutter. You should think about the things that matter to you as and artist and pinpoint what you can incorporate in your project. I personally like to listen to music from the 80s and 90′ era. The older sounds have a sense of being a part of those days and gives me a feeling of originality most music now today doesn’t quite offer. Meditation is also a good that I have found to be very stimulating for my brain before starting a project. Let it come natural to you so that you never feel like your something by someone else rules and not of your own. I have found that this can often be discouraging and can often lead to giving up on your task premature.

Free Your Mind

Your mind should be free of everything that could potentially cause you stray away from what you are trying to achieve with your music ideas. Think positive thoughts. Negativity always seems to have a way of creeping up when you need it the least. That’s because when you want positive as bad as you do, your conscious tells you all kinds of things that aren’t even true. It’s just your cluttered mind playing tricks on you. Have you ever seen those television shows where the character can’t decide what they want and suddenly the little angel and the devil comes on their shoulder and tries to make the decision for them? Well that’s kinda how it works in real life. You just have to get the negative of your shoulder and let the positivity flow. Free you mind. Think of the end results and what you have to look forward to and not the begging of what you actually have to do. Know what you want and go get it.

Let’s Get the Job Done

Finally, the last task at hand is getting the job done. It’s the most important part because what is started something without finishing it? Right, it might as well have never made it to the drawing board. Sadly man people have this complex and never see their projects through. I find this to be unsettling for the simple reason that many of us have great ideas that should and needs to be put out that never is and we never get to see these masterpieces. I vision without actions is nothing at all. So get out and get the job done without skipping your own beats. The lows are going to come but so are highs! Be confident in yourself and know that you are your own worst enemy if you allow it. Don’t be your own enemy. Confidence is key and you are they key to your success.

It’s all about the music- It starts with the sound.

No matter what you do in life, any and everything you do has sound. Do you know why. It’s all about the music, period. We depend on good quality music to help us get by with everyday life. I want give you a clear understanding of the importance of the sounds you listen too on a daily basis. Also, how music has been the pioneer of most cultures, religions, and just the basics of getting through the day. Music starts with a sound, forms into words (or not ) and manifest into the greatest structure known to man. Or maybe it’s just me.

Life without music

Can you picture life without any music. Take a second to digest what I just said. We’d probably be back in the dark ages, but even darker. Music is the stepping stone that keeps the soul alive, thus, keeping the body alive. If you don’t believe me go a few days without listening to some of your favorite artists and see how you feel. Probably not so motivated as you usually would. Music creates ambition to want to get out in the world and move.


The Music Speaks for itself- Literally

Your music should be clear and understand to your listeners. When people listen to it they should be to say “oh yeah that was nice, she/he is dope!”. The harder it is for the audience to understand what your saying the less likely they are to continue trying to listen to more content. Being clear and precise helps listeners give a good idea of the message you want to promote which is important for any artist. This is important when you are a listener as well. You as a listener want to listen to music that helps you focus and keeps your brain working for you, not against you.

No music, no drive

In the past decades’ music has evolved tremendously and for the good. As the times of the world changes so should the music. It has become more motivational than anything else. In these times we all need a little motivation. With the accessibility becoming more and more easy to grasp on, it’s becoming harder for people to have that drive to want to get out do things other than sit at home all day. That’s where the music plays it parts. We need music to motivate us to do the things our minds otherwise tell us are boring. Music can give us life in places we couldn’t find any. Just think about how many times you were on your way to your boring job and you had no motivation what so ever. You get on your phone, play your favorite jam and almost instantly a wave of excitement rushes through your body making you forget your even on your way to work. That’s the power of music. That’s the drive we need here to survive.


No drug powerful than music

Not literally obviously, music can definitely be like a drug in the sense of how it makes you feel. When you are listening to your favorite feel good song you get this feeling of floating in midair that you never want to stop. That’s because your body is intertwined with the sounds of the earth and so is your brain. Music can take even the hardest people and turn them into a marshmallow when their favorite musician comes on. It can turn a bad day into a very productive and happy day. Music in my opinion has changed and influenced each and every culture more positive than negative. It’s the best drug we ever had.

Never stop the music

We all need a little music to get by in life that’s just what it going to be. Music brings a kind of healing energy to the world. Possibly the energy we need to heal the world. Continue to improve music and make others feel good about them should always be a top priority for us as well as physically doing so. As we move forward so will the sounds of the time. We will continue let the music speak our past, present, and future. Never should we let the music stop.


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Helping Others

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