Month: May 2019

Who Are You?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Who am I? Well, if you haven’t already you really need to. Not just your name or what other people might look at you as, but who you really are to the person that looks in the mirror at their self every single day. That’s who I am talking about. To some it may be hard although, it shouldn’t be because the person you are has been with you for your entire life. It is you.

Find You First

Before you look see what type of music you should put out or if you should be a part of the music industry at all, you should find out who you are first and foremost. This is important because the audience that you want to attract has to understand who they are listening to. This also applies to the listener in some aspects as well.                          

When you are choosing what you want to listen to you always want to remember that although what the artist might be saying could be true for their own life, does not necessarily mean the same thing will be true for your life. Listen for the entertainment and not to go and try to reenact the negative music you hear because that would not be right.

Trust me, it will only make you lose yourself more. If you know who you are on the inside you won’t need a certain song to change who you are rather you should listen to music to help enhance the beauty that is already inside of you.

Don’t Mind The Hype

People often get caught in the mix when they are trying to find themselves. We often times find ourselves looking for others to help us figure it out. Now this can be a good or bad thing depending on who you are searching to help find those answers. Find people who encourage you to be productive and do positive things that cope with the things that you are already passionate about.

Don’t try to force yourself to be a part of the hype. Don’t follow the latest trend because more than not that trend will fade away and you will still be soul-searching. Peer pressure plays a big part and its hard for most people to not fall victim to it at some point. Even myself but one thing we must remember is that we are created as individuals and that applies to everyone.

Even twins have different finger prints and must know their own separate identities. No one is or should want to be exactly like someone else.

Be Who YOU Are

Being who you are is actually pretty easy if you think about it. We make it complicated when we step outside of the comfort zone of being ourselves. We start watching the popular people and wonder what its like to be them. Well do they even know who they are? You would be surprised at the people you see and admire are of times are often times really hiding behind a mask not really all that happy with themselves in real life.

Besides, being unique is and honor it is not by far a handicap in any way possible. Not being who you were created to be is the real handicap. And actually it’s ok to follow some trends and styles as long as when you look in the mirror you still see yourself for who you really are. That is  ofcourse an individual human being that walk and thinks different from anyone else around them.

Be bright and be bold and the rest will fall into the right places. There is plenty room for edits and mistakes so don’t worry about. Worry about your happiness and your future of success!

Music Ideas

Music Ideas: Starting Out

Coming up with music ideas can be very challenging at times but you must always remember to stay focused. One of the hardest task you will encounter when working on your craft is getting started. Do not worry, that’s life. I’ve learned that when coming up with ideas for music the best thing to do is to follow Nike’s quote and to just go do it. Literally, go out here and get the job done. Failure comes only when you stop trying. Never stop trying and you will never go wrong. It’s about what you want.

Getting Music Started

Starting music has to be one of the most fun/stressful times of an artists’ life. That’s because your brain is going mile a minute trying figure out what the world to look as you like as an artist. Don’t worry about that. Be yourself and the music ideals will follow YOU, not the other way around. The best way that I always start of with my music ideas is by putting on some artist that inspire me because nine times out of ten that’s where the direction you want your content to be aiming towards. Which makes sense because you are what you listen to in a sense. By listening to various artist that you are already accustom to, you put your mind in space that helps give you ideas on how you want the vision of your music to come about. Sounds similar or like yours.

Finding Your Balance

When finding good music ideas your balance is an essential key. Balance is important because you never want to work on anything (other than music as well), without having some form of common ground to land on. Basically, don’t start a new project with your head in the clouds or in the dirt. Always remember to take your time and be patient with yourself. The more pressure you put on your mind the less room you will have for your imagination. Without your own imagination in a clear and comfortable space, you have nothing but clutter. You should think about the things that matter to you as and artist and pinpoint what you can incorporate in your project. I personally like to listen to music from the 80s and 90′ era. The older sounds have a sense of being a part of those days and gives me a feeling of originality most music now today doesn’t quite offer. Meditation is also a good that I have found to be very stimulating for my brain before starting a project. Let it come natural to you so that you never feel like your something by someone else rules and not of your own. I have found that this can often be discouraging and can often lead to giving up on your task premature.

Free Your Mind

Your mind should be free of everything that could potentially cause you stray away from what you are trying to achieve with your music ideas. Think positive thoughts. Negativity always seems to have a way of creeping up when you need it the least. That’s because when you want positive as bad as you do, your conscious tells you all kinds of things that aren’t even true. It’s just your cluttered mind playing tricks on you. Have you ever seen those television shows where the character can’t decide what they want and suddenly the little angel and the devil comes on their shoulder and tries to make the decision for them? Well that’s kinda how it works in real life. You just have to get the negative of your shoulder and let the positivity flow. Free you mind. Think of the end results and what you have to look forward to and not the begging of what you actually have to do. Know what you want and go get it.

Let’s Get the Job Done

Finally, the last task at hand is getting the job done. It’s the most important part because what is started something without finishing it? Right, it might as well have never made it to the drawing board. Sadly man people have this complex and never see their projects through. I find this to be unsettling for the simple reason that many of us have great ideas that should and needs to be put out that never is and we never get to see these masterpieces. I vision without actions is nothing at all. So get out and get the job done without skipping your own beats. The lows are going to come but so are highs! Be confident in yourself and know that you are your own worst enemy if you allow it. Don’t be your own enemy. Confidence is key and you are they key to your success.