Getting Paid to Listen to Music, Really?

People pay the cost…. Musically

Yes, people will pay you to listen to the music that they put up so that they can have more people listening to their band or song. It helps both you get cash and them get exposure.

Most groups that do this want you to hear their music so that you can go and spread the word about this great sound you just heard from this great band you listened too. All is fair in love and music!

Take It To the Mall

Many places like the mall have booths that you can listen too and they will pay you to listen to a music preview that might be coming out soon. Most of the time they want you to let them know should they release that content in the first place or not.

Although you may not get rich off this, you will be able to earn a free buck with not having to do much except use your ears.

Where to Look? Everywhere!

Typically, you should look online for people that pay you to listen to their music. There are many places online that will pay you to listen to music. It’s all about finding the right websites to go to and how much they are paying.

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