Independent Music : The Future of Music

Things Have Changed

Now and days, the independent music game has become the future of selling your music. We went from buying CD’s out of the convenience store or gas station to clicking one button on your cell phone device and being about to listen to virtual any song your want to listen too. There is no more going all the way to a specific store because they are the only ones who sell your favorite classic record. All your have to do is ask Alex to find the song you’re listening to and she will pretty much do the rest!

The Results: Independance

With all this new technology being created and more consumers buying online, more artist realized that this is also and opportunity to sell their music online. If your own the rights to everything your do, the sky is the limit at the possibilities that can become of music career. Just image the flexibility your can have of not being tied down to a record label. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with signing to a label, but being signed to yourself sounds a lot better to me. How about your?

Getting Started

Being independent can and will be very challenging. You should do your research on how to market your own music and get people to see that your don’t need a label, your talent and ambition is enough. Get the support of your community by collabing with other local artist. This way, y’all can come together and brainstorm on how to get the revenue that your all generate stays with in your circle and not the label. Reach out through other social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram to help with promotion. The thing about social media is that you can promote your music to almost anybody anywhere, including celebrities. But also, be careful not to over due it by pushing your music to people without building a bond with them first. Hope this helps. Please leave comments negative or positive below.

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