It’s all about the music- It starts with the sound.

No matter what you do in life, any and everything you do has sound. Do you know why. It’s all about the music, period. We depend on good quality music to help us get by with everyday life. I want give you a clear understanding of the importance of the sounds you listen too on a daily basis. Also, how music has been the pioneer of most cultures, religions, and just the basics of getting through the day. Music starts with a sound, forms into words (or not ) and manifest into the greatest structure known to man. Or maybe it’s just me.

Life without music

Can you picture life without any music. Take a second to digest what I just said. We’d probably be back in the dark ages, but even darker. Music is the stepping stone that keeps the soul alive, thus, keeping the body alive. If you don’t believe me go a few days without listening to some of your favorite artists and see how you feel. Probably not so motivated as you usually would. Music creates ambition to want to get out in the world and move.


The Music Speaks for itself- Literally

Your music should be clear and understand to your listeners. When people listen to it they should be to say “oh yeah that was nice, she/he is dope!”. The harder it is for the audience to understand what your saying the less likely they are to continue trying to listen to more content. Being clear and precise helps listeners give a good idea of the message you want to promote which is important for any artist. This is important when you are a listener as well. You as a listener want to listen to music that helps you focus and keeps your brain working for you, not against you.

No music, no drive

In the past decades’ music has evolved tremendously and for the good. As the times of the world changes so should the music. It has become more motivational than anything else. In these times we all need a little motivation. With the accessibility becoming more and more easy to grasp on, it’s becoming harder for people to have that drive to want to get out do things other than sit at home all day. That’s where the music plays it parts. We need music to motivate us to do the things our minds otherwise tell us are boring. Music can give us life in places we couldn’t find any. Just think about how many times you were on your way to your boring job and you had no motivation what so ever. You get on your phone, play your favorite jam and almost instantly a wave of excitement rushes through your body making you forget your even on your way to work. That’s the power of music. That’s the drive we need here to survive.


No drug powerful than music

Not literally obviously, music can definitely be like a drug in the sense of how it makes you feel. When you are listening to your favorite feel good song you get this feeling of floating in midair that you never want to stop. That’s because your body is intertwined with the sounds of the earth and so is your brain. Music can take even the hardest people and turn them into a marshmallow when their favorite musician comes on. It can turn a bad day into a very productive and happy day. Music in my opinion has changed and influenced each and every culture more positive than negative. It’s the best drug we ever had.

Never stop the music

We all need a little music to get by in life that’s just what it going to be. Music brings a kind of healing energy to the world. Possibly the energy we need to heal the world. Continue to improve music and make others feel good about them should always be a top priority for us as well as physically doing so. As we move forward so will the sounds of the time. We will continue let the music speak our past, present, and future. Never should we let the music stop.


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